【SleeFi】Capital Recovery Simulation Sheet Tutorial


Hello, I’m STEEL, holding the SleeFi OG position.

I’ve been studying cryptocurrencies lately, and it seems that using something called an API allows you to fetch real-time prices and perform calculations. As an experiment, I created a Google Spreadsheet that simulate the number of days it takes to recover the initial investment.

By entering the amount invested in the bed, you can output the asset transition until the capital is recovered. I would be delighted if those who are considering starting SleeFi could find it useful.

What SleeFi is?

Introduction to the Capital Recovery Simulation Sheet

I’ve created a sheet that graphs the asset transition when aiming for the fastest capital recovery, defining capital recovery as the point when the initial investment amount is paid off!

In the spreadsheet, each item is hatched in different colors, and you can only edit specific areas.

  • White: Item names, not editable.
  • Yellow: Editable parameters’ values.
  • Blue: Result values, not editable.

Explanation of Each Item:

  • The price and number of BEDs…Input the price and quantity of beds. The total value becomes capital required.
  • Simulation
    • 🛏Main BED…The chosen main bed. If you have an uncommon bed, it will be chosen as the main bed.
    • 💸Capital required…Represents the initial investment amount.
    • ♻️Capital Recovery…Indicates the number of days until the initial investment is recovered.
    • ⏫Final Lv of BED…Displays the final level of the main bed.
    • 💰Final income/day…Reflects the final daily earnings.

These simulations reflect the prices of SLFT and AVAX on that day. It is assumed that the prices remain constant, the initial status of the bed is at the minimum, and the growth with level-ups is also at the minimum. Please be aware of these assumptions.

Ideally, I wanted the bed price to automatically input the lowest market price using an API, but due to the lack of an API, it has to be manually input. Thank you for your understanding.

Usage Example

with one Common bed

with three Common beds

with one Uncommon bed and two Common beds


Above, I introduced how to use the Google Spreadsheet for simulating capital recovery.

Personally, I find that capital recovery takes more time than expected. I remember during the STEPN hype, people were mentioning capital recovery in around 20 days, so compared to that, SleeFi seems to be a more gradual project. However, this might be the secret to avoiding economic collapse.

Therefore, for those who are considering starting SleeFi, I hope this serves as a reference for understanding how much profit to expect and how long you might need to endure. Please be cautious not to invest beyond your means.


Posted by soya