Earn While Sleeping!? SleeFi Casual Guide how to Start and Earn

Hello, I’m STEEL, holding the position of SleeFi OG. I’ve been part of SleeFi’s Discord for over a year now, contributing articles on analyzing SleeFi’s formulas.

With the start of the Open Beta, I’d like to explain once again how to participate in the project. I hope this helps convey the concept to those who are new to cryptocurrencies.


Let me introduce about SleeFi.

What SleeFi is?

SleeFi is a Web3.0 project with the concept of 'Sleep to Earn.’ Users can participate in the project by pre-purchasing (investing in) Bed NFTs. By measuring their sleep, users can earn in-game tokens (cryptocurrency) and generate income.

While it may seem complex, the actual website describes it as follows:

SLeeFi is a Web3 lifestyle Web-app built around an essential daily activity for most people – sleep. It is being developed as an innovative project which aims for the concept of sleep & earn.
Users can measure their sleep every day by holding Bed NFT.
In addition, users can earn SLFT tokens according to their sleeping time and quality.


Until now, the 'Move to Earn’ type game, STEPN, has been well-known as a way to earn cryptocurrency by walking. However, SleeFi has garnered significant attention by centering around the essential human activity of sleep. This distinctive focus on sleep, something crucial to every individual, sets SleeFi apart.

Additionally, I personally appreciate that SleeFi aims to improve and enhance the modern human lifestyle through the game.

Now, to get started with SleeFi, there are several steps to follow, and I’ll guide you through them.

Prepare funds and purchase Bed NFT

To kickstart your journey with SleeFi, you need to purchase Bed NFT using cryptocurrency, and getting to this point might be the most challenging step. You might think having a credit card is all you need, but there are various things you need to prepare.

In this article, we will introduce one example of how to prepare Japanese yen and then purchase Bed NFT. The process is illustrated as follows, and we will walk you through each step.

Creating a Bybit Account

SleeFi is a Web3.0 game app built in the world of cryptocurrency called AVAX. In other words, you need to have AVAX to get started.

AVAX cannot be purchased at convenience stores or banks; you generally need to use a cryptocurrency exchange that handles AVAX.

There are various exchanges such as Binance, Bitget, BitMEX, and others. While there is generally no significant difference regardless of which one you choose, I personally use Bybit. Bybit has the lowest transaction fees, and the speed of deposits and withdrawals is the fastest. Its security level is also top-notch, so I don’t use any other exchange.

So, regardless of which exchange you choose, let’s start by creating an account on a domestic cryptocurrency exchange where you can purchase AVAX with Japanese yen. The account creation process is simple, so I’ll omit it.

Creating a MetaMask Account

Next, we’ll create a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet that will be linked to SleeFi’s game account. In this case, we’ll be using a free personal wallet called MetaMask, which can be used as a web browser extension or a mobile app.

MetaMask is typically installed as a browser extension for various computer browsers. This is a crucial step, and I cannot afford to mislead you with inaccurate information. If you’re unsure, please obtain the latest information from a reliable source before proceeding.

Once installed, MetaMask will serve as the bridge between your SleeFi game account and your cryptocurrency holdings, facilitating the seamless integration of the two.

⚠️ Please be extremely cautious and never share your account password or seed phrase with anyone.

Creating a SleeFi account

Next, we’ll create an account to play SleeFi. SleeFi is released in a format where it can be played online, and you connect to the game through a URL. The actual connection URL is specified on the official SleeFi website.

Additionally, SleeFi operates on an invitation-only basis, so an Activation code is required for registration. Codes are distributed on the official Discord and X (formerly Twitter) channels. If you’re interested, I recommend joining the Discord channel first.

In Discord, there is a room called 'general,’ so please head there first. If you inquire about the Activation code, someone from the community will likely come to assist you. However, since it’s a game about earning while sleeping, responses might be slower during the night, as everyone is probably asleep, haha.

Although I’ve provided a brief explanation up to this point, for the account registration and gameplay details in SleeFi, it might be quicker to check the manual provided by the official. I’ll include the link below, so feel free to take a look for reference.

Depositing to Bybit from a Bank

With the steps so far, you’ve created the necessary exchanges, personal wallets, and SleeFi accounts to start playing the game. Now, let’s prepare for the purchase of cryptocurrency.

On the Bybit platform, depositing funds is done through a bank transfer. Please refer to the image below for details.

Converting Cash to Cryptocurrency on Bybit

Now, let’s acquire AVAX, the official currency in the SleeFi world. Purchase AVAX from the AVAX/USD pair on the Bybit exchange.

Since you can grasp the steps by looking at the screen, I’ll omit the details.

Transferring from Bybit to Metamask

Let’s send the acquired AVAX to your personal wallet. To transfer AVAX from Bybit to your personal wallet, go to Menu > Withdraw > AVAX, and it will show the AVAX withdrawal screen. Enter your personal wallet’s address and the withdrawal amount on this screen, and you’re ready to go.

⚠️ Be extremely careful not to enter the wrong address for your personal wallet. If you make a mistake here, your valuable funds could be left in the virtual space of cryptocurrency forever. It is strongly recommended to send a test amount of around 1 dollar until you get used to the process.

The address of your personal wallet can be found and displayed in Metamask.

As shown in the image below, you can see an address starting with 0x… under Account 1. Send AVAX to this address. In the image, Avalanche Network is selected, but when you first install Metamask, a different network (probably Ethereum Mainnet) might be selected.

Once you select Avalanche Network, you’ll be able to see the balance of AVAX. Choose this network and wait for the deposit.

Transfer from Metamask to SleeFi’s Spending

Once you have successfully deposited AVAX into Metamask, you will need to dock (import) Metamask into SleeFi and transfer AVAX to the Spending wallet.

A new term has come up – in SleeFi’s in-game terminology, there is a wallet called “Spending." By transferring AVAX to this wallet, you will be able to conduct transactions within the in-game exchange.

To visualize, it’s similar to transferring money from your wallet to a Metro card to ride the train. You can’t pass through the train gate with cash in your wallet, right? Similarly, in the SleeFi world, to make purchases, you need to charge money from your personal wallet to Spending.

(Come to think of it, I haven’t seen this card lately… )

To dock (import), follow these steps:

Once connected to the SleeFi game app, you’ll see the icon for AVAX on the main screen. Tap on it, and the Spending or Wallet screen will appear. Choose Wallet, and you’ll be asked whether you want to create a new one or import. Select Import, enter the seed phrase from Metamask, and you can successfully dock your personal wallet.

Then, follow the process to transfer AVAX to Spending, and your charge will be complete!

Purchasing Bed NFT on SleeFi’s Marketplace

Use the charged AVAX to buy a Bed NFT for sleep tracking. Navigate to the Market on the SleeFi interface and choose a bed that suits your sleep style within your budget. For reference, here are the sleep tracking times for each bed type.

Purchasing multiple Bed NFTs can significantly boost your earning power, but it involves a high-risk, high-return investment. Details on this aspect will be omitted here.

Preparation complete! Well done.

Now that you’ve come this far, your Sleep to Earn setup is complete! Let’s experience #SleepToEarn and break the conventional norms!

Measure your sleep on SleeFi

Finally, let’s start measuring sleep to earn money. The measurement process is simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Set the Bed NFT
  2. Set the wake-up time, and start the measurement
  3. When the wake-up time comes, end the measurement and earn SLFT
Choose the Bed
Set time and tap start
Wake up at the time
Earn SLFT based on the score!

SLFT, the in-game currency, has an unlimited supply in this virtual world.

You can convert this currency into AVAX for profit, but it also has various other uses such as enhancing Bed NFTs, purchasing items, minting, and participating in in-game gacha. While I won’t go into details here, there are many diverse applications, aiming to strike a balance between supply and demand.

Create your own strategy and start earning money in the game!

At last, convert earned SLFT to Cash to complete the profit-taking process. Basically, you just need to reverse the steps until Charging money.

  1. Transfer the earned SLFT from Spending to the wallet.
  2. Exchange SLFT to AVAX in the wallet.
  3. Send AVAX to Bybit.
  4. At Bybit, exchange AVAX to Cash to complete the profit-taking!

Please note that the exchange of SLFT to AVAX, which is step 2, needs to be done in the wallet. It’s quite simple!

Choose SLFT on spending
you can send it to wallet
Exchange can be done in Trade
Now it is completed


Above, we provided a brief introduction on how to start and earn with SleeFi. We’ve skipped some of the more complex details, so we hope this gives you a general idea of how things work.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, feel free to ask on Discord. Someone there should be able to help you out. 😊

*Please note that the news, data, and other information provided to customers on this site are intended for general information purposes and are not created for the purpose of recommending, advising, or soliciting cryptocurrency transactions. Decisions regarding cryptocurrency trading should be made at your own discretion and responsibility.

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